In order to use the fingerprint functionality you need to have a Digital Personal 4500 device and its drivers installed.

General Setup

Configure Fingerprint app

In order to configure the fingerprint app there are two things that should be done. 1. Setting the username and password for the it to access the openmrs database. 2. UgandaEMR Settings

   a) [Login](../ In UgandaEMR. This will navigate you to the _"Home"_ page

   b) Click on the "System Administrator icon ![System Admin icon](../images/system_admin_icon.png). This will navigate you to the _" System Administration"_ page. 

   c) Click on the Fingerprint Settings icon. ![Fingerprint Settings icon](../images/fingerprint_settings_icon.png). This will navigate you to the fingerprint settings
   ![Fingerprint Settings Page](../images/fingerprint_setting_page.png)

   d) In order to enable or disable a finger type _"true"_ to enable and _"false"_ to disable. 

   e) The Socket IP Address is very important. It should be set to _"http://localhost:8084"_ if its not set, or different, change it to _"http://localhost:8084"_.

   f) In order to save the changes, _"click the save"_ button. 

Client Server Setup

Client Machine

  1. Ensure UgandaEMR has been installed successfully: The you can ably login using your session like ART, SMC, OPD and the many more.

  2. Server and client computers must be on the same network: Ping the server address from your computer. Ping replies should be successful.

  3. Unzip the download to a directory of your choice

  4. In the fingerprint directory. Open the file "fingerprintrun.bat" in any text editor of your choice. Note pad ++ is preferred.

  5. Replace "localhost" with the IP address of the server.

  6. Server Machine

  7. Launch mysql client

  8. Login in mysql

  9. Run the following commands below

     Create user ‘openmrs’@’%’ identified by ‘openmrs’;
     GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on openmrs.* to ‘openmrs’@’%’
  10. Go to Windows Firewall, add inbound rules. In there, add ports 3306

  11. Do the same for Outbound rules

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