New Features

  1. ART Regimen Lines - this allows the capture of regimen substitutions and switches to aid the classification of patients according to the regimen lines they are on

  2. TB Module

    • DS TB: HMIS TB 003 - TB Client Card Enrollment Page

    • DS TB: HMIS TB 003 - TB Client Card Followup Section

    • DR TB: HMIS TB 001 Second Line TB Treatment Card - Enrollment Page

    • DR TB: HMIS TB 001 Second Line TB Treatment Card - Followup Section

  3. COVID 19 Care and Treatment

    • Case Investigation Form

    • Clinical Management

    • Discharge Form

    • Referral Form

    • Postmortem Form

  4. Patient Line Lists for MER Indicator reports - these help in verification of patient data used to generate the reports. These include TX_New, TX_Current 28 days and 90 days, TB ART, Tx TB, TX ML and TX RTT

  5. Reports

    • HMIS 105 ANC Section

    • TPT Status Report

    • MER TX RTT

    • HMIS 106A 3.1 TB Section

    • MER TX_TB Report

    • TB Register

    • Regimen Line Reports

  6. New patient flag for clients bled for Viral load Testing

  7. Ordering for Viral Load Results from CPHL in Retrospective Mode

  8. UgandaEMR Mobile for community drug dispensing and

    Bug Fixes

  9. Users can now export the correct DSDM models for a patient via Cohort builder

  10. Correcting of cohort used in MER TX_ML Reports

  11. Enable viral load history Display on patient dashboard

  12. ART status display for all ART patients

  13. Revision of the Lost to Follow-up Cohort To include the clients who turn Lost to Follow-up in the next reporting period

New Installation

For new machines with no UgandaEMR installed

WAR File


Upgrade Installer

For existing versions of UgandaEMR 2.0.x to 3.2.0

For existing versions of UgandaEMR 1.x to 3.2.0

This upgrade path is no longer supported

Fixing Failed Installations and Upgrades


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