Data Export


  • Data export generally is the process of extracting data from a data base and converting it into a format that can be manipulated.

  • Data can be exported to MS Excel, CSV, Text, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, XML, RTF, and Open Office formats

Data Export Formats

  • CSV – Each row is exported as plain text, with multiple delimiter and new line options.

  • Excel – Each row is exported directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.

  • and Other formarts


  • On the administration tab select Manage Data Exports under Reports

  • On click the screen shown below will be displaye


Parts The data export screen has the following important parts;

  • A list of names of existing data exports .

  • Brief description of the data export

  • A column that shows the size ,time and Date of the last download .

  • Generate Exports Button -Used for generating selected data export (s)

  • Delete Exports-For deleting selected data exports.

  • Add new Data export –This is a link that is used for creation of new data extraction that can be saved then automatically added to the list of the existing data exports

  • Editing an existing data export is done by clicking on the name of the export which automatically activates the edit mode.

Creating A New Data Export

  • On the data management screen you can create a new data export by clicking on Add New Data Export and the editor screen will be displayed..

A. It comprises of Name and description fields ;

  • Name -Used for giving the data export an appropriate name

    Description –Gives a brief explanation or descriptions of the data export.

B. It has Two main tabs

  • Define Cohort Tab

  • Define Columns Tab

C. It contains action buttons such as


The define cohort tab has the following items;

Cohort to match ; Saved search -It enable the user to search a cohort that was saved from the cohort builder .A list of all saved cohorts is displayed on clicking the drop down arrow and from it you can select the cohort you are willing to work with

  • Basically this section can be used in selection of a location /site/clinic if want to extract data for that particular location /site/clinic .

  • Drop down menu for all clinics will be

  • This enables the user to select individual ( i.e. if you have a list of patients and you want to extract data for that list only ).It has an action button < Add Another Patient> which prompts the user to another option < select > which when clicked on it displays a field where you can key in the identifier of individual patients you want .

Once clicked the Define columns tab opens up and under it four different tabs will be display namely ;

  • Simple Column.

  • Concept Column.

  • Calculated Column.

  • Cohort Column

  • The < Add another Column > is used for columns in the data export depending on the number of fields or concepts you want to pull out of the system

  • Each column may contain a different concept which will be pulled out together all of them. E.g Below shows 3 simple column added .i.e Identifier ,Family name and Age

Simple Column.

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