Troubleshooting Tips

This section contains tips and tricks to help maintain your installation, as well as a general guide to common problems

My installation cannot start

Restart your computer

UgandaEMR login screen not available yet system starts

Error Messages and Screenshots Login Error no modules started

When you login the screen may display as below:

Modules not started errors
Modules not started due to cyclic dependencies


  1. On the Administration page, select the Manage Modules link

    Manage Modules

  2. Click the Start All button

    Start All Modules

  3. Restart your computer

OpenMRS cannot start - Error creating bean with name "messageSourceServiceTarget"

Error Messages and Screenshots

OpenMRS cannot start - Error creating bean of name "messageSourceServiceTarget"


  1. Delete the folder C:\Application Data\OpenMRS\lucene

  2. Restart your computer

White screen appears when carrying out administrative tasks like module installation, upgrade

Error messages and Screenshots Error - White Screen during operation


Restart your computer and repeat the action that caused the error

Cohort Builder does not Allow defining of Columns

Screen Shots Of The Problem

Root Cause

The root cause of this problem is due to the addition of other programs into the UgandaEMR system by an individual( which is prohibited ) that is done by creation of concepts and thereby resulting into concept mismatch with concepts that come with UgandaEMR.


  1. Open your command Prompt and login to mysql with the following command without quotes "mysql -u openmrs -p" and provide it with the required password

  2. Run the concept dictionary downloaded on your database in your command prompt

  3. After the concept dictionary is done, run the following script on the same command prompt

    /*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;
    /*!40103 SET @OLD_TIME_ZONE = @@TIME_ZONE */;
    /*!40103 SET TIME_ZONE = '+00:00' */;
    /*!40111 SET @OLD_SQL_NOTES = @@SQL_NOTES, SQL_NOTES = 0 */;
    DELETE from patient_program ;
    DELETE from program;
    /*!40101 SET [email protected]_SQL_MODE */;
    /*!40014 SET [email protected]_FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS */;
    /*!40014 SET [email protected]_UNIQUE_CHECKS */;
    /*!40101 SET [email protected]_CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT */;
    /*!40101 SET [email protected]_CHARACTER_SET_RESULTS */;
    /*!40101 SET [email protected]_COLLATION_CONNECTION */;
    /*!40111 SET [email protected]_SQL_NOTES */;
  4. Restart your computer