Patient Enrollment

Appointment remainders ensure we can send a notification to client reminding them of their upcoming appointment at the facility.

This appointment remainder depends on the return date assigned to a client on his/her past visit

The SMS remainder is set to be sent a week before the expected appointment week.

It is also advised that we first educate and get consent of a client to enroll them on the SMS Program

The steps below guide on how to register a client to the SMS program after they have consented.

The steps below guide on how to enroll a client on the program

  1. Go to the home page

  2. Click Find Patient Record to search patient

  3. Select the patient by either Patient ID or Patient Name

  4. Go to the patient dashboard

  5. Under General Action, click the SMS enrollment form link as circled in the image below ![SMS enrollment form](../images/SMS enrollment form.png)

  6. Enter details for:

  • Date of enrollment(If not generated automatically)

  • Attending Clinician(Provider enrolling the client)

  • Client's SMS telephone Number(Client's, Telephone number on which to receive SMS)

  • SMS Reminder Type (HIV Appointment Reminders activation)

![Data entry-SMS enrollment form](../images/Entering information-SMS form.png)

  1. Click Save.

Patient is now in SMS Appointment group.

Once a patient is in SMS Group, they will receive their first sms a week before their next appointment

Testing the setup, would require you enroll a client on a programme and give an appointment a week ahead and wait for the SMS to be delivered to the client's number

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