Currently, work in progress

New Features

  1. 2019 version of HMIS tools

    • HIV Testing Client Card with Recency Addendum

    • ART Card

      • Summary Page

      • Clinical Assessment

      • Psychosocial Support

    • HIV Exposed Infant

      • Summary Page

      • Encounter Page

    • Maternal Health

      • Maternity Form

      • Antenatal Register

      • Postnatal Register

  2. Point of Care

    • Registration of Patient at Reception

    • Triage

    • Clinical Assessment

    • Counselling

    • Laboratory

    • Pharmacy and Dispensing

  3. HIV MER Indicator Reports *

  4. Automated Data Exchange

    • Submission of HTS data for recency surveillance

    • UgandaEMR Analytics metrics to track EMR usage at health facilities

    • Submission to DHIS2 starting with 105A HTS report

    • Submission of viral load requests to CPHL and receiving results directly from CPHL

New Installation

For new machines with no UgandaEMR installed

WAR File


Upgrade Installer

For existing versions of UgandaEMR 2.0.* to 3.0.0

For existing versions of UgandaEMR 1.x to 3.0.0

Fixing Failed Installations and Upgrades


Noteable contributions

We would like to recognize the notable contribution of the following partners, and facilities in this release

  1. POC pathfinder sites

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