Upgrading UgandaEMR

The upgrade process from 1.x to 2.x is no longer supported as of January 2021, as the majority of installations have migrated to the new 2.x or 3.x series

The upgrade across 2.x and 3.x versions is done by deploying a new WAR file

Using a WAR file

There are two approaches

  1. Inbuilt Command Menu

  2. Manual Replacement of WAR file

Using Windows Command Menu

TBD: Add Screenshots to illustrate the menus

  1. Goto Start Menu Select All Programs (Windows 7) or All apps (Windows 10).

  2. Select UgandaEMR then select Upgrade UgandaEMR War File.

  3. This will popup a window. in it select install.

  4. Browse to the location of the war file. then upgrade and click open.

  5. When upgrade is complete it will give you a message to proceed to browser.

Manual Replacement of WAR file


Adding/Upgrading Modules

This section provides steps to add and/or upgrade a single module

Adding a new module

A new module is usually added to provide new functionality and features that were not currently available.

  1. Login as a user with administration privileges

  2. The module will be uploaded and started, which is seen by having a red button next to the name of the module

Upgrading a module

In this case the modules to be upgraded will be uploaded through the administration interface

  1. Login as a user with administration privileges

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