This release mainly focused on upgrading to the OpenMRS 2.x platform which runs on Java 8 on which all Reference Application releases from 2.6.0 will be based. This upgrade provides a stable foundation for future upgrades

New Features

  1. New Data collection forms

    • Antenatal, Maternity and Postnatal data collection forms based on the register

    • Tuberculosis - matching the longitudinal register

    • Outpatient Register from based on the register

  2. Exposed Infant Form

    • Children are automatically linked to their mothers through the mother's ART number

  3. Patient Dashboard

    • Sticky note (yellow) that allows you to enter notes on the patient

    • New widgets to show Exposed Infant and ART status

    • Links to family members

    • Data quality violations shown

  4. Data Quality

    • Ability to filter the rules by patient and rule type

    • New validation rules for Exposed Infants - infants without mother's ART number, infants with mother ART number but not linked

  5. Reports

    • ANC, Maternity and PNC registers

    • Exposed Infant reports to aid facility tracking and planning

Bug Fixes


This release requires a re-installation of UgandaEMR due to an internal platform change that requires Java 8, instead of Java 7 that was used by previous versions. However separate files are provided for new installations and upgrades

New Installation

For new machines with no UgandaEMR installed

*32 bit installer (469.6MB) - https://sourceforge.net/projects/ugandaemr/files/2.0.0/ugandaemr2-0-0-installer-32.exe/download

Upgrade Packages

For existing versions of UgandaEMR

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