When Clinicians Prescribe medications for patients, Pharmacy has to dispense the available drugs or refer those that are not available to external pharmacies or drug shops. Accessing patients list in Pharmacy requires that one has Organizational: Pharmacy.

Accessing Pharmacy Provider Dashboard

  1. This page has four tabs

     a) Prescription List. This contains a list of patients who have a prescription from the clinician.
     b) Non Prescription List. This contains a list of patients who dont have a prescription from a clinician.
     c) Completed. This is a list of patients who have been completed. 

Dispensing Prescribed Drugs

  1. Enter the quantity to dispense and the period for dispensing per drug.

    Note: for drugs which you dont have in stock you can refer out by checking the box in the refer out column.

  2. Click on the "Dispense" button. This will move the patient from the "Prescription List" to the "Completed List".

    If there are any drugs that have been referred out, a print out o will popup

  3. Repeat from step 1 for any patient in the "Prescription list" tab

Dispensing Non Prescription List

Editing Dispensed Drugs

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