Patient Registration

Patient Registration

1.Login and on the home page click the Find Patient Link circled below

3.On clicking Create New Patient, you enter patient details as below;

Editing Patient Registration Information

1.Login and on the home page click the Find Patient Link circled below

2.In the Search Bar, type any patient identifiers to search for the patient, the record of the patient appears as shown below.

3.Click on the last action that has Edit Demographics as shown below;

4.Edit Patient Information by clicking on the pencil icon next to a section header where those details belong

5.Confirm the details and Save the information.

Merging Patients

Patient Merging in UgandaEMR refers to the act of “retiring” Patient B in favour of patient A. In such an event, the visits, encounters, observations and other underlying objects which belonged to patient B will be transferred to Patient A, and Patient B will be retired. In a multiple patient merge process, Patients A, B and C may be retired in favour of patient X. Patient Merging is useful in situations where duplicate records have been created for a single patient.

Note: Patient merging is uni-directional only. It does not allow the restoration of merged data i.e. you cannot reverse the process. Therefore patient merging shouldn’t be taken lightly and effected only if you are 100% sure that the patients are the same.

To merge patients;

  1. Click on the “Find Patients to Merge” link as shown below.

  2. Select a minimum of two patient attributes to search on and click “search” as shown in the image below.

  3. This displays a list of patients who match the attributes used in the search. Select two or more patients to continue.

  4. Select your preferred patient to keep and click “Merge Patients” button to continue

  5. A Dialog box displays asking you to confirm the Merge. Click “Ok” to confirm and complete the patient merging process or "Cancel" to abort the process.

    You should see a notification indicating that the process was completed successfully.

Marking Patients as Dead

1.To mark patient as dead, you will have to log into one of the clinics, i.e. SMC, ART, TB, MCH, OPD, Lab.

Marking a Dead Patient as alive


Common Errors

User is not a provider


The above means your User Account does not have privileges to provide care to a patient. You therefore have to add Provider role to the user account as indicated herein

Failed to save changes during patient registration


This problem is common with implementations that have been upgraded from 1.6.3 and is caused by null or empty string values for patient attributes during migrations.

The solution is as follows:

  1. Backup your database

  2. Run the following command:

DELETE FROM person_attribute WHERE value IS NULL OR value = '';

For Version 2.1.0 and above

  1. Go to start menu and search for Execute Mysql Script and click on it. This will pop up a dialog window

  2. Click install. This will prompt you to select a file.

  3. Select the Download file and click okay.

  4. Restart Computer.

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