New Features

  1. Patient Flags

    • Due for third DNA PCR

    • Overdue for third DNA PCR

    • Updated Criteria for Due and Overdue for Second DNA PCR

  2. HIV MER Indicator Reports 2.4

    • TX_ML Report

  3. Data Extraction Reports

    • Postnatal Register

      Fixes Made

  4. Prevent the creation of Multiple encounters on the same visit date

  5. Reports Module does not start even after manually starting the module due to a duplicate uuid in the ugandaemrsync module

  6. EID Card does not allow future dates for Next Appointment Date

  7. Resolved issue with Data Entry Statistics that was preventing the count of patients seen by a particular provider

  8. Clinical Assessment Form is inaccessible from the HTML form entry section

  9. Checking a patient into a location multiple times does not add the patient more than once in the queue

New Installation

For new machines with no UgandaEMR installed

WAR File


Upgrade Installer

For existing versions of UgandaEMR 2.0.x to 3.0.4

For existing versions of UgandaEMR 1.x to 3.0.4

Fixing Failed Installations and Upgrades


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