Audit tool Reports

  • CQI Audit tools have been designed as inbuilt reports in the EMR.This means they are listed as a reports under UgandaEMR Reports module
  • Currently, Audit tools provided are PMTCT Audit tool (For mothers and Exposed Infants)and HIV Care and Treatment Audit tool (For HIV Clients )
Audit tool Formats
  • Excel – The tools are downloadable as excel files with each row representing a patient record.
  • Given the nature of the tool and their daily usage, the reports are extracted from separate tables which are created by a script
  • This script is set to run automatically on a daily at a particular time, so we need to ensure this script was already run before we run a report
  • To check whether the script is run we check on the Scheduled Tasks under Legacy System Administration->Scheduler->Manage Scheduler and check for the Compute and Save Audit tool Task
  • This should have the 'Started' Status (in green) , Run atleast every day (This should not be so frequent as it may slow down the computer) and with last Execution Time (circled)
  • Last Execution time determines when last the Audit tool records were updated.
  • On Home page, open UgandaEMR Reports
  • Audit tool Reports are under CQI Reports
  • Click on the report of interest and run
  • Unlike other reports, the audit tool reports do not require start and end date parameters since they always pick the latest information
  • You can then download the report when it is readily available